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Wild Dog Collection


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Wild Dog Collection, 1961-2011 | SHSU Special Collections & University Archives

By Shaneil Snipe

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Collection Overview

Title: Wild Dog Collection, 1961-2011Add to your cart.View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates:1967-1972

Extent: 9.0 Boxes


The Wild Dog Papers are housed in nine (9) archival boxes. This collection was purchased from a literary book dealer in the late 1960s and was arranged at that time. The following series arrangement follows the order arranged at that time.

Series 1: Correspondence

Subseries 1: Author Correspondence

Subseries 2: Wild Dog Correspondence

Subseries 3: Publisher's Correspondence/ Press Correspondence

Series 2: Manuscripts

Subseries 1: Original Manuscripts from Wild Dog

Subseries 2: Original Artwork from Wild Dog

Subseries 3: Post Wild Dog Publications

Subseries 4: Wild Dog Magazines

See also: Search for "Wild Dog Collection" in our Library Catalog for other publications by Wild Dog Authors.

Subjects: Little magazines, Murphy, Joe, 1927-2009 - Correspondence, Pocatello (Idaho), Wagnon, Hugh Andrew -- Correspondence

Forms of Material: Beat generation - Poetry, Bukowski, Charles - Correspondence, Dawson, Fielding, 1930-2002 - Correspondence, Dorn, Edward, 1838-1923 - Correspondence, Wild Dog Press - Correspondence

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Wild Dog Collection contains correspondence documenting the lives and writing careers of authors and poets who started their careers writing for a small, campus magazine called Wild Dog during the early 1960s (the Beat period). The collection contains material documenting the small press publishing industry as demonstrated by the “Wild Dog” magazine, including correspondence between “Wild Dog” and other small presses. It also documents editorial workings that sustained the press during its short existence. This collection contains manuscript and first edition versions of poems and short stories written by the many authors who got their start writing for “Wild Dog.” The original artwork in the Wild Dog Collection includes various sketches for magazine covers.

Collection Historical Note

Wild Dog Magazine was founded in the early 1960s as a small, campus magazine at Idaho State College located in Pocatello, Idaho. The magazine existed from 1963-1966 but many of the authors who wrote for this magazine went on to lead lives of literary largesse. The magazine had numerous contributors of prose and poetry as well as non-fiction pieces. The high quality content can be at least partially credited to the work of editors Hugh “Drew” Wagnon, Gino Clays, and Joanne Kyger. Wild Dog was funded by a combination of donations and subscriptions. Approximately 500 copies of Wild Dog were circulated.

Please see also the list of contributing authors:

Anderson, Jack

Anderson, Wendell B.

Baker, Richard

Barker, Richard

Bayes, Ronald H.

Bell, Gail

Bennett, Brent

Berlin, Lucia

Birney, Earle

Blackburn, Paul

Booth, Luella

Bowering, George

Brakhage, Stan

Brautigan, Richard

Brodey, James

Brown, William

Buckle, Daphne

Buffington, Mel

Bukowski, Charles

Bullins, Ed

Caliph, John

Childers, Bob

Clark, Thomas

Clays, Gino

Coleman, Victor

Collom, Jack

Contoski, Victor

Coolidge, Clark

Cordell, Paul

Creeley, Robert

Crews, Judson

Crump, Ted

Dalton, Dorothy

Dawson, Fielding

Dawson, Gene

Dorn, Edward

Dull, Harold

Dunbar, Geoffrey

Duncan, Robert

Dusenberg, Gail


Edwards, Ernie

Eichele, Robin

Eigner, Larry

Enslin, Theodore

Erbland, Berk

Feinstein, Elaine

Finstein, Max

Fles, John

Foster, Charles

Fowler, Gene

Franklyn, A. Fredric

Fredrick, Liam

Fuller, Buckminster

Gaines, Richard

Giant, Jolly Gino the

Gilbert, Gerry

Ginsberg, Allen

Greene, Jonathan

Grinberg, Miguel

Guenther, Charles

Hadley, Drummond

Hamilton, C. Anne

Hannon, Mike

Heckler, M. Theora

Hogg, Bob

Hoopes, John

Howell, Robert

Hutton, Bill

Irby, Ken

Jarrett, Emmett

Jones, Leroi

Jory, Doug

Kelly, Robert

Keys, John

Koller, James

Krauss, Ruth

Kupferberg, Tuli

Kyger, Joanne

Lawson, Perry

Leahy, Jack

Leed, Jacob

Levertov, Denise

Lloyd, Don

Loewinsohn, Rom

Looy, T.O.

Maddox, Bruce

Major, Clarence

Malanga, Gerard

Millward, Pamala

Mondragon, M.R. De

Moser, Norman C.

Newlove, John

Nickell, Joe

Obermayr, Raymond

Oh, Jay

Olsen, Bettyweiss

Olson, Charles

Oppenheimer, Joel

Osterlund, S. A.

Oursler, Clair

Perret, Christopher

Pierstorff, D.K.

Planz, Allen

Potts, Charles

Price, V. Barrett

Randall, Margaret

Raworth, Tom

Ray, David

Ross, Catherine

Ross, Frank

Rumaker, Michael

Serpa, Robert

Silberger, Don

Smith, Nick

Snyder, Gary

Sorrentino, Gilbert

Stanley, George

Stram, Dawn

Stubbs, Will

Sward, Robert

Taylor, K.P.A.

Tedesco, Gino Il

Thibeau, John

Thomas, Mack

Thompson, Tracy

Turnbull, Gael

Tysh, George

Wagnon, Drew

Wakoski, Diane

Wallace, Linn

Ward, Frederick

Warsh, Lewis

Welch, Lew

Whalen, Philip

Wigginton, Ronald

Wilson, Keith

Woolf, Douglas

Wroth, William


Zukofsky, Louis

Subject/Index Terms

Little magazines
Murphy, Joe, 1927-2009 - Correspondence
Pocatello (Idaho)
Wagnon, Hugh Andrew -- Correspondence

Administrative Information

Repository: SHSU Special Collections & University Archives

Use Restrictions:

The materials represented in this finding aid have been made available for research, teaching and private use. For these purposes, you may reproduce (print, make photocopies, or download) these items without prior permission on the condition that you provide proper attribution of the source in all copies.

Please contact the Newton Gresham Library's Special Collections and University Archives department to request permissions to reproduce materials for any other purpose, or to obtain information regarding the copyright status of a particular digital image, text, audio or video recording.

Preferred Citation: Wild Dog Collection. SHSU Special Collections, Newton Gresham Library, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 2],

Series 2Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 1Add to your cart.
Box 5Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no.2, undatedAdd to your cart.
Wallace, Linn. "Washington Snoose Murphy"/ Dawson, Fielding. "Warm Simplicity"/ Serpa, Robert L. Poem/ Crews, Judson. Three Poems/ Lloyd, Don. "Padgly Hall Presents"/ "Zig" Poem/ Caliph John (Leroi Jones) Apple Cores (Lacks mss. of poem of Geoffrey Dunbar and article by Richard Gaines.)
Folder 2: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no.3, 1960; 1961; 1963; undatedAdd to your cart.
Olson, Charles. Poem/ Turnbull, Gael. "I look Into"/ Potts, Charles. "Migratory"/ Lloyd, Don. "Magill's Catharsis"/ Erblanck, Berk. "Lament of  a War Baby"/ Loewinsohn, Ron. Two Poems/ (Raworth, Tom) Letters to America/ Eigner, Larry. Four Poems/ Bennett, Brent. "The Age of Suspicion"
Folder 3: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no. 4, undatedAdd to your cart.
Levertov, Denise. "Threshold"/ Dawson, Fielding. "Her River"/ Jones, LeRoi. "A Poem Some People Will Have to Understand"/ Anderson, Wendell. Two Poems/ Pierstoff, D. K. "Letter of Resignation"/ Hoopes, John. "Calypso"/ Sorrentino, Gilbert. "Open Your Mouth and Say"/ Crews, Judson. Two poems/ Bowering, George. "Grandfather"/ Caliph John (LeRoi Jones) Apple Cores (Lacks ms. of "The Intrepid Hour" by Ted Crump.
Folder 4: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no. 5, 1962-1963; undatedAdd to your cart.
Zukofsky, Louis. From "Found Objects"/ Ross, Catharine. Poem/ Obermayr, Raymond. "Pop Art"/ Dunbar, Geoffrey. Two poems/ Anderson, Jack. Three poems/ Heckler, M. Theora. Poem/ Woolf, Douglas. "In Walks Everyone"/ Bowering, George. "The Lawnmower"/ Olson, Charles. Two poems
Folder 5: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no. 6, 1963; undatedAdd to your cart.
Dawson, Fielding. "Mirror Road"/ Creeley, Robert. Poem/ Hogg, Bob. "Ranch Days"/ "Zig" "Fallout"/ Potts, Charles. from "The Overpass on Gould St."/ Berlin, Lucia. From "The Peacable Kingdom"/ Randall, Margaret. "February 6-14"/ Caliph John (LeRoi Jones" Apple Cores/ Ginsberg, Allen. from Journals 1960
Folder 6: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no. 7, 1960; 1961; 1965; undatedAdd to your cart.
Caliph John (LeRoi Jones) Apple Cores/ Olson, Charles. Two Poems/ Oppenheimer, Joel. Five poems/ Lisa (i.e., Cathy) Autobiography/ Crews, Judson. Two poems/ Dawson, Gene. "Looking Into Shadow On the Waters"/ Bowering, George. "Forecast"/ Loewinsohn, Ron. "Elle Mange"/ Eigner, Larry. Two poems/ "Bonray" Poem written in sympathy.../ "Zig" Poem/ Silberger, Don. " The Wolf"/ Raworth, Tom. Letter from London/ Randall, Margaret. From Mexico/ "Nicole" Poem/ Bowering, Letter from Calgary/ Ed Dorn's Preface (Lacks letter by Fielding Dawson)
Folder 7: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no. 8, 1961; 1963; 1964; undatedAdd to your cart.
Heckler, Mary. Poem/ Raworth, Tom and Dawson, Fielding. "World People"/ Keyes, John. Poem/ Thomas Mack. "Thaw"/ Raworth, Tom. Poem/ Zig. Poem/ Whalen, Phillip. Five poems/ Irby, Ken. Poem for WD/ Potts, Charles. Poem/ Dorn, Ed. Three poems/ Fles, John. Film reviews/ Leahy, Jack. Letter. Crews, Judson. Poem/ Anderson, Wendell B. Poem/ (Raworth, Tom)...from a letter/ Raworth, Tom. London/ Woolf, Douglas. "New Medium"/ Randall, Margaret. Letter from Mexico/ Clays, Gino. Two Poems/ Eigner, Larry. Poem/ Randall, Margaret. Poem/ Moser, Norman. Two poems/ Wagnon, Drew. Three poems/ Oh Jay. " The World of Sports"/ Jones, LeRoi. "The Burning General" (Lacks back cover poem by Mary Heckler.)
Folder 8: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no. 9, 1963-1964; undatedAdd to your cart.
Grinberg, Miguel. "Here, El Rio de la Plata"/ Franklyn, A. Frederic. Two poems/ Blackburn, Paul. Three poems/ Irby, Ken. Poem/ Ross, Frank. "Dead Indian"/ Wroth, William. Five poems/ Eginer, Larry. Translation and four poems/ Caliph John (LeRoi Jones) Apple Cores/ Sorrentino, GIlbert. Poem. (Lacks ms. of poem by Dorothy Dalton)
Folder 9: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no. 10, 1963; 1964; undatedAdd to your cart.
Kelly, Robert. Three poems/ Wakoski, Diane. "Answer"/ Buffington, Mel. Two Poems/ Clays, Gino. Short play/story/ Clark, Thomas. Three poems/ Bayes, Ronald "Garland Eye & Brow"/ Krauss, Ruth. "A Show A Play
Folder 10: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no. 11, 1964; undatedAdd to your cart.
Kelly, Robert. Two poems/ Crews, Judson. Two poems/ Dorn, Ed. Dutchman and The Slave (Criticism)/ Perret, Christopher. Four poems/ Thompson, Tracy. Five poems/ Wakoski, Diane. Poem/ Krauss, Ruth. Seven poem plays, Sward, Robert. Poem/ Fowler, Gene. Autobiography and poems (Unidentifiable)
Folder 11: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no 12 (1 o.v.), 1964; undatedAdd to your cart.View associated digital content.
Contoski, Victor. One poem and three translations/ Planz, Allen. Five Poems/ Dawson, Fielding. "Figure in the Sky"/ Guenther, Charles. Two translations./ Randall, Margaret. Interview with David Siqueiros/ Gilbert, Gerry. Four poems/ Anderson, Jack. "The Fish"/ Potts, Charles. Three poems/ Friebert, Stuart. "Sophisticated Instinct"/ Newlove, Jack. Letter from Canada/ Randall, Margaret. Letter from Mexico
Folder 12: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no. 13, 1962; 1964; undatedAdd to your cart.
Caliph John (LeRoi Jones) Apple Cores/ Rumaker, Michael. Two poems/ Heckler, Mary. Two poems/ Christmas letter from Australia/ Randall, Margaret. Poem/ Wilson, Keith. Seven poems/ Brodey, James. Three poems/ Bukowski, Charles. Four poems/ Clark, Thomas. Two poems/ Fowler, Gene. Letter/ Coleman, Victor. Two poems/ Wagnon, Drew. Poem (Lacks ms. of Gino's Dead Sea Scrawls)
Folder 13: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no 14, 1961; 1963-1965; undatedAdd to your cart.
Smith, Nick. Poem/ Osterlund, S. A. Three poems/ Irby, Ken. Poem/ Bullins, Ed. "The Absurd One"/ Buffington, Mel. Poem/ Gino el Tedesco (Gino Clays) "Dead Sea Scrawls"/ Randall, Margaret. Notes from Mexico/ Taylor/ K.P.A. Two poems/ Hogg, Bob. Two Poems/ Fowler, Gene. "305 Honda"/ Sward, Robert. poem/ Eigner, Larry. Five poems/ Birney, Earle. "Buenos Aires"/ Nickell, Joe. Four poems
Folder 14: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no. 15, 1963-1965Add to your cart.
Brakhage, Stan. Letter/ Dorn, Ed. Letter from the front/ Major, Clarence. Poem/ Stubbs, Will. Four poems/ Loewinsohn, Ron. "L'Autre"/ Feinstein, Elaine. Poem/ Tysh, George. Two poems/ Eichele Robin. Poem/ Olsen, Betty Weiss. Two poems/ Bullins, Ed. " The Lonely Host"/ Jarrett, Emmett. "Secrets from..."/ Bowering, George. Poem/ Gino il Tedesco (Gino Clays) "Fog Ducking"/Perrett, Christopher. Two poems/ Clark, Thomas. "The Movements of"/ Raworth, Tom. Letter/ Notes, etc.
Folder 15: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no. 16, 1963-1965; undatedAdd to your cart.
Potts, Charles. Six poems/ Frederick, Liam. Poem/ LOOY, T. O. "Why? Why Nought?"/ Silberger, Donald. Poem/ Heckler, Mary. Three Poems/ Serpa, Robert. Poem/ Zig. Three Poems/ Dawson, Gene. "In Such a Silence"/ Foster, Charles. "Genesis" Irby, Ken. Poems/ Wagnon, Drew. Story/ Eigner, Larry. Poem/ Poem and report possibly by Eigner/ Prynne, Jeremy. Letter
Folder 16: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no. 17, 1962; 1964;1965; undatedAdd to your cart.
Snyder, Gary. "Journeys"/ Koller, James. Two poems/ Moser, Norman. Two poems/ Leed, Jacob. Two poems. Malanga, Gerard. Poem/ Keyes, John. Four poems/ Dull, Harold. Poem/ Hadley, Drummond. Poem/ Enslin, Theodore. Poem/ Edwards, Ernie. Three poems/ Hannon, Mike. Two poems/ Jory, Doug. Poem/ Welch, Lew. Poem/ Whalen, Phillip. Six poems/ Creeley, Robert. Poem/ Millward, Pamela. Three Poems/ Clays Gino. Story/ Olson, Charles. Essay/ Eigner, Larry. Letter. Grinberg, Miguel. Letter from Latin America/ Raworth, Tom. Letter from London. (Two unidentified stories, one possibly by Wagnon.)
Folder 17: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no. 18, 1964-1965; undatedAdd to your cart.
Dorn, Ed. Two poems/ Warsh, Lewis. Three poems/ Brown, William. From "The Way to
Folder 18: Wild Dog Manuscripts: nos. 19-20, 1963-1965; undatedAdd to your cart.
Kelly, Robert. Cycle of twelve poems/ Koller, James. Two poems/ Wakoski, Diane. Poem/ Ginsberg, Allen. From Journals/ Duncan, Robert. "Mellville"/ Dusenberg, Gail. Two poems/ Thibeau, John. Two poems/ Kyger, Joanne. "Places to Go"/ Planz, Allen. Three poems/ Hannon, Mike. Poem/ Collom, Jack. Three poems/ Cordell, Paul. Two poems/ Blackburn, Paul. Three poems/ Dawson, Fielding. "Little Women/Lost Horizon"/ Rumaker, Michael. Long poem./ Sward, Robert. Poem/ Coolidge, Clark. Four poems/ Barker, Richard. Poem/ Finstein, Max. Poem/ Ward, Frederic. Three poems/ Oursler, Claire. Poem/ Kupferberg, Tuli. Poem/ Clark, Thomas. Two Poems/ Clays, Gino. "Fog Ducking"
Folder 19: Wild Dog Manuscripts: no. 21, 1963-1965Add to your cart.
Wagnon, Drew and Dawson, Fielding "Test"/ Dawson, Fielding. "The Split Second"/ Snyder, Gary. "Hitch"/ Warsh, Lewis. Two poems/ Ray, David. Poem/ Hannon. Mike. Two poems/ Greene, Jonathan. Two poems/ Enslin, Theodore. Two poems/ Hutton, Bill. "Peach Melba Toast, etc."/ Contoski, Victor. From a Diary/ Howell, Robert. Poem/ Maddox, Bruce. "Title: Fiction"/ Eigner, Larry. Three poems/ Wigginton, Ronald. Two poems/ Finstein, Max. Poem/ Buckle, Daphne. "For Hortense"
Sub-Series 2Add to your cart.
Box 6Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Artwork: Barkett, Joyce, cover for no. 18, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 2: Artwork: Bishop, Ron, cover for no. 1, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 3: Artwork: Brannaman, Rob, cover for no. 21, 1965Add to your cart.
Folder 4: Artwork: Dawson, Fielding, cover for nos. 19 and 20, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 5: Artwork: Dorn, Helene, cover for no. 15, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 6: Artwork: Fick, Jorge, Correspondence, 1966; undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 7: Artwork: Hudson, Madeline, cover for no. 11, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 8: Artwork: McNeil, Bill, cover for no. 17, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 9: Artwork: Miller, Lee Anne, cover for no. 10, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 10: Artwork: Obermayr, Lorna, cover for no. 6, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 11: Artwork: Obermayr, Raymond, cover for nos. 5 and 16, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 12: Artwork: Olsen, Don, cover for no. 14, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 13: Artwork: Peret, C., cover for nos. 12 and 13, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 14: Artwork: Saltzman, Marvin, correspondence, 1965; undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 15: Artwork: Serpa, Jeanette, cover for no. 3, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 16: Artwork: Zakheim, Bernard, correspondence, 1965; undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 17: Artwork: Jess, correspondence, 1966Add to your cart.
Folder 18: Artwork: Cover for Wild Dog no. 7, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 19: Artwork: Cover for Wild Dog no. 8, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 20: Artwork: Miscellaneous Art, undatedAdd to your cart.
Sub-Series 3Add to your cart.
Box 7Add to your cart.
Folder 1: "Recess" (play): Early notes and preliminary lists of scene sequences, 1969; undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 2: "Recess" (play): Partial early acting script, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 3: "Recess" (play): Partial copy, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 4: "Recess" (play): ATE and La Mama Version, 1968Add to your cart.
Folder 5: "Recess" (play): Author's rewrite, after La Mama and before the screen sale, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 6: "Recess" (play): Scenes and ideas that dev. and were incorp. into the final script, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 7: "Recess" (play): Ideas and scenes eliminated from script, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 8: "Recess" (play): Reviews of production and movie version, 1968; undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 9: Stone Drum by Dr. Joseph Murphy: "The Temptation of Gawain" (play), 1973Add to your cart.
Folder 10: Stone Drum by Dr. Joseph Murphy: Materials, 1971-1972; 1994; undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 11: Stone Drum by Dr. Joseph Murphy: Manuscripts, 1971-1972; undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 12: The Washington Post, 2019, March 20Add to your cart.
The Washington Post article "Ferlinghetti, About to Hit 100, is Still Unstoppable"  by Ron Charles
Sub-Series 4Add to your cart.
Box 8Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Wild Dog 1, 1963 AprilAdd to your cart.
Hoopes, John "On all that lives" p. 1/  Wools, Douglas  "Jungos and Jokers Wild p. 16/ Zig " VIII" p.20/ Dorn, Edward "God has a wreck on 91 south" p.21/ Stram, Dawn Poem p. 25/ Bell, Gail "The Mask" p. 26/ Kelly, Robert "The larger issue in the loyalty oath debate: a private view" p. 30/" (2 copies)
Folder 2: Wild Dog 2, 1963 AprilAdd to your cart.
Wallace, Linn "Washington Snoose Murphy" p.1/ Dawson, Fielding "Warm Sympathy" p. 6/ Serpa, Robert Poem p. 7/ Crews, Judson Three poems p.8/ Lloyd, Dan " The Crowd" p. 10/ Dunbar, Geoffrey poem p. 15/ Gaines, Richard "In search of a philosophy of music" p. 17/ Caliph, John "Apple cores" p. 26 (2 copies)
Folder 3: Wild Dog 3, 1963 May 24Add to your cart.
Olson,Charles Poem p.1/ Turnbull, Gael "I look into" p. 2/ Potts, Charles "Migratory" p.5/ Lloyd, Don "Magill's Catharthis" p.6/ Erbland, Berk "Lament of a war baby" p.11/ Loewinsohn, Rom Two poems p.13/ Letters to America p.16/ Eigner, Larry Four poems p.22/ Bennett, Brent " The age of suspicion" p. 25 (2 copies)
Folder 4: Wild Dog 4, 1963 July 13Add to your cart.
Crump, Ted "The intrepid hour" p.1/ Levertov, Denise "Threshold" p.8/ Dawson, Fielding "Her river" p.9/ Jones, Leroi "A poem some people will have to understand/ Anderson, Wendell B. Two poems p.12/ Pierstoff, D.K. "Letter of Resignation/ Hoopes, John "Calypso" p.15/ Sorrentino, Gilbert "Open your mouth and say" p.21/Crews, Judson Two poems p.22/ Bowering, George "Grandfather" p.24/ John, Caliph "Apple cores" p.25
Folder 5: Wild Dog 5, 1964 January 30Add to your cart.
Zukofsky, Louis "From found objects" p.1/ Ross, Catherine Poem p.5/ Obermayr, Raymond Pop Art and Popular America p.6/ Dunbar, Geoffrey Two Poems p.9/ Anderson, Jack Three Poems p.11/ Heckler , Theora M. Poem p. 15/ Woolf, Douglas "In walks everyone" p.16/ Bowering, George "The Lawnmower" p. 18/ Olson, Charles Two Poems p.24 (2 copies)
Folder 6: Wild Dog 6, 1964 February 29Add to your cart.
Dawson, Fielding "Mirror road" p. 1/ Creeley, Robert Poem p.3/ Hogg, Bob "Ranch days" p.4/ Zig "Fallout" p. 9/ Potts, Charles "From the overpasss on Gould street" p.10/ Berlin, Lucia "from: The peaceable kingdom" p. 12/ Wagnon, Drew Poem p.23/ Randall, Margaret February 6-14: "First encounter of American Poets"  p.24/ John, Caliph "Apple cores" p. 29/ Ginsberg, Allen From journals (1960) p.31 (2 copies)
Folder 7: Wild Dog 7, 1964 April 5Add to your cart.
John, Caliph "Apple Cores" p.1/Olson, Charles Two Poems p.3/ Oppenheimer, Joel Five poems p.5/ Lisa Autobiography p.10/ Crews, Judson Two poems p.11/ Dawson, Gene "Looking into the shadows of the waters p.23/ Bowering, George /Loewinsohn, Ron "Elle Mange" p.17/ Eigner, Larry Two poems p.18/ Bonray irate letter p.19/ Dawson, Fielding letter p.20/ Zig Poem p.22/ Silberger,Don "The Wolf" p. 23/ Raworth,Tom "from London March 1964" p.24/ Randall, Margaret "from Mexico, March 1964' p.26/ Nicole "When I was ten grandfather" p. 28/ Bowering, George "News from the frozen north"p.29 (2 copies)
Folder 8: Wild Dog 8, 1964 MayAdd to your cart.
Heckler, Mary T. Poem p.1/ Raworth, Tom and Fielding Dawson "World People" p. 5/ Keys, John Poem p.6/ Thomas, Mack "Thaw" p.7/ Raworth, Tom Poemp.10/ Zig Poem p.11/ Whalen, Phillip Two paes p.12/ Irby, Kerr Poem for Wd p.14/ Dorn, Ed Three Poems p.16/Fles, John "Two Film Reviews" p.19/ Notes p.21/ Leahy,  Jack Letter p.22/Crews, Judson "Reth for Wreath forever" p.23/ Anderson, Wondell B. p.24/ Raworth, Tom "From London.." p. 28/ Woolf, Douglas "New Medium" p. 30/ Eigner, Larry "From Mexico..." p.31/ Eigner, Lary Poem p.35/ Clays, Gino Two poems p. 32/ Randall, Margaret " Morning poem" p.36/ Moser, Norman C.  Two poems p.37/ Wagon, Drew Three Poems p.40/ Oh, Jay "The world of sports" p.41/ Jones, Leroi  " The burning general"p.44 (2 copies)
Folder 9: Wild Dog 9, 1964 July 18Add to your cart.
Grinberg, Miguel "Here, El Rio De La Plata" p.1/ Franklyn, Fredric A. Two Poems p.4/ Blackburn, Paul Three Poems p.6/ Irby, Ken "For Allen Kimball" p.10/Ross ,Frank "Dead Indian" p.11/ Dalton, Dorothy "Strike a muted bell" p. 20/ Roth, William Five Poems p.21/ Eigner, Larry "Translation and Four Pomes" p. 26/ John, Caliph "Apple cores" p. 31/ Sorrentino, Gilbert "The bulletin is up and throwing" p.33/ Notes p.37(2 copies)
Folder 10: Wild Dog 10, 1964 September 27Add to your cart.
Tedesco, Gino Il "Dead Sea Scrawls" p.1/ Kelly, Robert "Three Poems" p. 2/ Wakowski, Diane "Answer" p.9/ Buffington, Two Poems/ Clays, Gino "Short Play/Story" p. 12 / Clark, Thomas Three Poems p.17/ Bayes, Ronald H. "Garland Eye and Brow" p. 20/ Krauss, Ruth "A show a play..." p.21/ Hamilton, Anne C. "Inconclusion" p.23/ Price, Barrett V. "Dawn Print" p. 27/ Booth, Luella "Lovesong" p.27/ Hogg, Bob Three Poems p.28/ Olson, Charles "West 6" p.31/ Notes p.33
Folder 11: Wild Dog 11, 1964 October 28Add to your cart.
Kelly, Robert Two Poems p.1. Dorn , Edward "Non-Review" p.3/ Sward, Robert Poem p.8/ Perret, Christopher Four Poems p.9/ Crews, Judson Two Poems p.13/ Lawson, Eprry "Japanese Poem & Translation" p.15/ Fowler, Gene Preview and Six Poems p.16/ Wakowski, Diane "George Washington Poem p.24/ Krauss, Ruth Seven Poem Plays p.27/ Thompson, Tracy Five poems p.34/ Letters  p.39/ Tedesco. Gino Il Dead sea scrawls" p.44/ Notes p.45
Folder 12: Wild Dog 12, 1964 December 1Add to your cart.
Jolly Gino the Giant "Dead sea scrawls" p.1/ Contoski, Victor One pome and three trans p.3/ Planz, Allen Five Poems p.10, Dawson, Fielding " The figure in the sky" p.15/ Guenther, Charles Two translations of poem p.16/ Randall Margaret de Mondargon Interview-David Siqueiros p.24/ Gilbert, Gerry Four Poems p.28/ Anderson, Jack "The Fish" p.33/ Potts, Charles Three Poems p.34/ Friebert, Stuart "Sophisticated instinct" p.39/ Letters and notes p.40 (2 copies)
Folder 13: Wild Dog 13, 1965 January 12Add to your cart.
John, Caliph "Apple Cores" p.1/ Rumaker, Michael Two poems p.3/ Wilson, Keith Two Poems p.6/ Anonymous Letter from Australia p.14/ Clark, Thomas  Two poems p.16/ Heckler, Mary Two Poems p.20, Coleman, Victor Two poems/ Tedesco, Gino Il "Dead sea scrawls" p.25/Bukowski, Charles Four Poems p. 27/ Wagnon, Drew Poem p.34/ Brodey, James Three Poems p.35/ Fowler, Gene "News from San Francisco" p. 36/ Randall, Magaret Pome p.39/ Contributors' Notes p.40(2 copies)
Folder 14: Wild Dog 14, 1965 February 12Add to your cart.
Birney, Earle "Buenos Aires" p.1/ Eigner,Larry Five pomes p.4/ Irby, Ken "Convalescence West" p. 9/ Sward, Robert "All Women" p. 11/ Bullins, Ed "The Absurd one" p. 12/ Fowler, Gene "305 Honda" p.14/ Buffington, Mel "A Nasty Night" p. 16/ Tedesco, Gene Il "Fog Ducking" p.17/ Osterlund, S.A. Three Pomes p. 19/ Smith, Nick "202 Ins Paket" p.22/ Taylor, K.P.A. Four Poems p.26/ Randall, Margaret "Notes from Mexico" p.30/ Hogg, Bob Two poems p.32/ Notes p.37
Folder 15: Wild Dog 15, 1965 March 22Add to your cart.
Brakhage, Stan. Letter p.1/ Dorn, Ed. Report from the front p.2/ Major, Clarence. Poem p.4/ Stubbs, Will. Four poems p.5/ Loewinsohn, Ron. "L'Autre" p.9/ Feinstein, Elaine Poem p.10/ Tysh, George Two poems p.11/ Eichele Robin. Poem p.13/ Olsen, Betty Weiss Two poems p.14/ Bullins, Ed. " The Lonely Host" p.16/ Jarrett, Emmett "Scenes from..." p.17/ Bowering, George Poem p.23/ Tedesco, Gino Il "Fog Ducking" p.24/ Perret, Christopher Two Poems p.26/ Clark, Thomas "The Movements of" p.28/ Letter from Tom p.33/ Notes p.33
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Folder 1: Wild Dog 16, 1965 April 30Add to your cart.
Potts, Charles Six Poems, p.1/ Fredrick, Liam Poem p.6/ Looy, T.O. (on math…) p.7/ Silberger, Donald Poem p.8/ Heckler, Mary Five Poems p.10/ Serpa, Robert Poem p.13/ Zig Three Poems p.14/ Dawson, Gene Book Review p.17/ Contributor's Notes p.19/ Olson, Charles Poem p.21/ Foster, Charles "Genesis" p.22/ Eigner, Larry Poem and "Take" p.27/ Irby, Ken Four Poems p.28/ Wagnon, Drew "Alto" p.33/ Fuller, Buckminster R. Poem p.35/ Letter p.42/ Notes and Agenda p.43 (2 copies)
Folder 2: Wild Dog 17, 1965 June 8Add to your cart.
Snyder, Gary "Journeys" p.1/ Koller, James Two Poems p.5/Moser, Norman Two Poems p.7/ Leed, Jacob Two Poems p.9/ Malanga, Gerard "The underbrush" p.11/ Grinberg, Miguel "Baires-havana-madrid-baires" p.12/ Keys, John Four Poems, p. 15/ Clays, Gino "Omnia mea mecum porto" p.19/ Dull, Harold "New year morning 1964 New York" p.22/ Hadley, Drummond "The webbings" p.23/ Enslin, Theodore " The glass harmonica" p. 24/ Dawson, Fielding "The king and the burning boy" p.25/ Finstein, Max Seven Poems p.27/ Edwards, Ernie Dormir poems p.34/ Childers, Bob "About the tree" p. 37/ Millward, Pamela Three Poems p.39/ Jory, Doug "Search" p.42/ Hannon, Mike Two poems p.44/ Welch, Lew "Belly musky pit" p. 45/ Whalen, Philip p. 47/ Creeley, Robert "A sight"p.50/ Letters p.52/ Contributor's Notes p.55/ Addenda p.57 (2 copies)
Folder 3: Wild Dog 18, 1965 July 17Add to your cart.
Dorn, Ed Two Poems p.1/ Warsh, Lewis Three Poems p.4/ Brown, William "from The Way To The Uncle Sam Hotel" p. p.7/ Finstein, Max Three Poems p. 11/ Sorrentino, Gilbert Two Poems p. 14/ Clays, Gino Poem p. 16/ Brautigan, Richard "A Review…" and Two Poems p.18/ Loewinsohn, Ron "2 backyard dramas., with mamas" p. 20/ Kyger, Joanne Poems p.22/ Duncan, Robert "The gift of tongues or the imagination" p.25/ Dull, Harold Two Poems p.28/ Stanley, George Poem p.30/ Irby, Ken Poem p.31/ Hogg, Bob Poem p.34/ Baker, Richard Three Poems p.36/ Wagnon, Drew "Later..."p.39/ Millward, Pamela Two poems p.40/ Newlove, John Letter p.42/ Notes and Agenda p.43
Folder 4: Wild Dog 19, 1965 December 8Add to your cart.
Kelly, Robert Cycle of Twelve Poems p.1/ Koller, James Two Poems p. 9/Wakowski, Diane "An apology" p.12/ Ginsberg, Allen "From journals-1963"p.14/ Duncan, Robert "Melville after Pierre" p.16/ Dusenburh, Gail Two Poems p.17/ Thibeau, John Two Poems p.19/ Kyger, Joanne "from Places to Go" p.21/ Planz, Allen Three Poems p. 24/ Hannon, Mike "West-Southwest" p.27/ Collom, Jack Three Poems p.30/ Cordell, Paul Two Poems p.33/ Blackburn, Paul Three Poems p.35/ Dawson, Fielding " Little Women/Lost Horizon" p.38/ Rumaker, Michael "May 1" p.40/ Sward, Robert "For the 89th Congress" p.47/ Coolidge, Clark Four Poems p.48/ Barker, Richard (Reb) "Headquarters opens with a boomerang" p.52/ Finstein, Max "The stigmata" p.53/ Ward, Frederick Four Poems p.54/ Oursler, Clair Poem p.59/ Kuperberg, Tuli "How seldom" p.60/ Clark, Thomas Two Poems p.62/ Tedesco, Gino Il "Fog Ducking" p.65(2 copies)
Folder 5: Wild Dog 21, 1966 March 1Add to your cart.
Wagon, Drew and Dawson Fielding "Test" p.1/ Dawson, Fileding "The split second" p.5/ Snyder, Gary "Hitch Haiku" p.6/ Warsh, Lewis "The forest & in 'In Finger…'" p.9/ Ray, David "P.S" p.12/ Hannon, Mike Two Poems p.13/ Greene, Jonathan "Ode & exercises in..." p.14/ Enslin, Theodore "The sun shower & drawings" p.17/ Hutton, Bill "Feach Melba Atomic Bastard..." p.19/ Contoski, Victor "From a Diary (trans) p.23/ Howell, Robert Poem p.26/ Maddox, Bruce "Title: Fiction" p.27/ Eigner, Larry Three Poems p.29/ Wigginton, Ronald "Mark these and my thoughts"p.30/ Finstein, Max Four Poems p.32/ Buckle, Daphne "For Hortense" p.36/ Contributor's Notes p.38 (2 copies)

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